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This program is designed to cover the periodic  inspections, and applies on the following cranes and aerial work platforms working in the General Industry and Construction:

  1. Mobile Cranes:

    • Telescopic / Hydraulic Cranes.

    • Lattice Boom / Crawler Cranes.

    • Boom Truck Cranes.

    • Tower Cranes

  2. Overhead Cranes & Hoists:

    • Electric Traveling Overhead Cranes.

    • Gantry Cranes.

    • Single Girder Cranes.

    • Mono rail cranes.

    • Floor mounted Jib Cranes.

    • Wall Mounted Jib Cranes.

    • Electric Hoists.

    • Hand operated hoists.

  3. Tower Cranes

  4. Aerial Work Platforms

Inspection Program:


SHEBS does not represent any equipment manufacturer or dealer, however our services are performed in accordance with manufacture instructions, company policies, including the applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME Standards.

Our inspectors are certified by the North American Crane Bureau, Inc. which is a partner of
The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).


  • Certified Mobile Crane Inspector

  • Certified Overhead Crane Inspector

  • Certified Tower Crane Inspector

  • Certified Rigging Inspector

  • Certified Aerial Work Platform Inspector


Our inspection and/or load test services include:


  • Inspections performed on site.

  • Inspections comply with applicable regulations, safety codes and standards for cranes.

  • Performed in accordance with the crane manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Review of the customer’s crane history file, to include records of past load tests, inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

The inspection process includes a complete and thorough visual inspection of the crane or below-the-hook lifting device.


The inspection is conducted in the following manner:

  • Conduct visual inspection of the entire crane or lifting device and supporting structure, if applicable.

  • Conduct a function test checking for proper operation of the following:

  • All controls, mechanisms, operating systems and brakes

  • All safety devices and limit switches

  • All operator aids

  • Rated load test, if desired.



  • Inspection of load hooks shall include visual inspection for distortion, wear or damage.

  • Shall not include any disassembly or removing any cover or guard.
    The customer is to provide mechanic and operator support.

  • Recommendations for additional specialized tests (NDT, Etc,...) if applicable.

  • SHEBS maintains and stores inspection records for five years.


Upon completion of the inspection the SHEBS’ inspector will conduct a verbal out brief with the customer’s representative to discuss the findings and results of the inspection.

A written report will be left with the customer’s representative that contains all the recommendations and deficiencies found in the inspection.


When required, a report containing the findings will be forwarded to the appropriate Customer’s Company Departments.


Inspection Duration:


Depending on the Type of Overhead- and Mobile Cranes, the time needed to conduct the inspections may vary from 1 (one) to 3 (three) hours for each equipment.

After inspection equipment will be equipped with a sticker of satisfaction.

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