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This program is designed to cover the periodic inspections, and applies on the following Rigging Equipment:

  1. Slings:
    • Wire Rope Slings.

    • Synthetic Web Slings.

    • Synthetic Round Slings.

    • Chain & Metal Mesh slings.

  2. Rigging Gears:

    • Shackles

    • Eyebolts

    • Turn buckles.

    • Lifting links.

    • All Sling End fittings.

    • Plate clamps.

    • Hoists (Hand and Lever Operated).

Inspection Program:


SHEBS does not represent any equipment manufacturer or dealer, however our services are performed in accordance with, company policies, including the applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME Standards for rigging equipment.


Our inspection and/or load test services includes:

  • Inspections performed on site.

  • Inspections comply with applicable regulations, safety codes and standards for rigging equipment.

  • Review of the customer’s rigging history file, to include records of past load tests if applicable, inspections, maintenance, and repairs.


The inspection process includes a thoroughly inspection of all Rigging equipment,
which involves performing detailed measurements of:

  • Chains of slings and Hoists.

  • Anchor-, Bow-, and Sling saver shackles.

  • Wire rope.

  • Sling end fittings.

  • Load tests if applicable.



  • Inspection of sling and hoists hooks shall include visual inspection for distortion, wear or damage.

  • Recommendations for additional specialized tests (NDT, Etc,...) if applicable.

  • Maintain and store inspection records for five years.


Upon completion of the inspection the SHEBS’ inspector will conduct a verbal out brief with the customer’s representative to discuss the findings and results of the inspection.

The customer’s representative will receive a report that contains all the recommendations and
deficiencies found in the inspection.


When required, a report containing the findings will be forwarded to the appropriate Customer’s  Company Departments.


Inspection Duration:

Based on the quantity of Rigging equipment to be inspected.


After inspection the equipment will be equipped with tags.

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