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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

It's almost Weekend!

Many of our Business Partners/ Clients and their Contractors and Subcontractors drive on city and more worrisome interior roads, making this an opportune time to evaluate our current efforts to change driving attitudes and habits.

A message to our friends at NEWMONT and IAMGOLD and their Business Partners; With new projects coming up and more people and equipment on the roads, it’s especially important to keep our focus when we’re behind the wheel.

So what can we do ensure our employees stay safe on the road?

Step 1: Implement Written Polices and Procedures

Written driver safety policies and procedures emphasize an organization’s commitment to reducing traffic-related injury and death, and are effective tools for creating a “driver safety conscious” culture in the workplace. Train all employees on your program and ensure they understand the outlined policies.

Step 2: Employee Involvement Gain Support Throughout the Organization

Ensuring that employees throughout all levels of an organization buckle up and practice safe driving behaviors requires the attention and buy in of top-level management. Senior management can provide leadership, set policies, and allocate resources (staff and budget) to create a “driver safety conscious” culture in the workplace. Actively encouraging employee participation and involvement at all levels of the organization is also good practice and will help the effort to succeed.

Step 3: Implement Driver Safety Agreements

Establish a contract with all employees who drive personal or company vehicles for work purposes. By signing an agreement, employees acknowledge awareness and understanding of the organization’s driver safety policies, procedures, and expectations and agree to follow them.

Step 4: Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks

Check the driving records of all employees who drive for work purposes. Identifying potential hires with poor driving records is important, as they are likely to drive less safely than those with good driving records. Current employee MVRs should be reviewed periodically to ensure that good driving records are maintained.

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles, oversee a mobile sales force, have employees who drive on the job or simply employ commuters, SHEBS can help keep your employees safe.

Our EH&S professionals have tremendous experience implementing and training on workplace safety programs which can greatly reduce the risk of injury or death and help protect your company’s bottom line.

Schedule a consultation with our safety experts today to evaluate your safety hazards and challenges, plan for your safety equipment needs in a cost effective way and determine training and education needs.

Have a safe weekend!

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